Probably half of my friends have read or seen something to do with Percy Jackson (or PJ, as Max calls him). I've been trying to get the Bubs to read it before we came to Greece, and it's something I recommend you do, even if you're an adult. I've been able to identify a lot of the statues in museums and paintings and carvings thanks to Rick Riordan. We flew into Athens with high hopes, and we were not to be disappointed. Greece is amazing. Especially because I knew what I was doing and seeing, oh, and because I planned it (I did, but it was still a lot thanks to Jay!) but, most of all, because it's Greece. As with Boracay, I'm not going to describe HOW we got there, but WHAT we did. So, this Blog will consist of the Parthenon, Dionysus Theatre, Panethenaic Stadium and the Acropolis Museum, in that order. 

Parthenon- Okay, here it is. As in a lot of Greek mythology, the biggest is first (Zeus), and so I'm going with that style! Dear Parthenon, how can I describe you? Would you like me to admire your towering columns? Or your crazy backdrop? Or is it your age? I mean, I think I would be pretty famous if I were 2000+ years old! So, tell me. Are you angry at Lord Elgin for carrying away the Parthenon Marbles, or, better known as the Elgin Marbles? Believe me, I would be too! How about the Ottoman ammunition explosion that blew up your insides? I think you are amazing, no matter how many cranes were around you. The founding of democracy. Would we have Justin Trudeau as PM without you? Or would he be a dictator? Would our government even exist? Or would we be numerous Native American tribes, spread out all over Canada? I cannot believe how much significance one building built two millennia ago can have a huge impact on the world today. Thank you, Parthenon, thank you.

Dionysus Theatre- A little shadowed by the rest of the Acropolis, but I think it's great. Sure, it's not in as good repair as the South Theatre in Jerash, Jordan, but I like it just as much, if not better. There are these stone seats, yes SEATS, that, of course, are roped off, but you can imagine clearly how the Theatre must've looked two millennia ago. 

Panathenaic Stadium- It WAS on my list, but I didn't go INSIDE it. I read somewhere that the Stadium hosted the Olympics, but I'm not sure. 

Acropolis Mueseum- Totally the first thing you MUST see. I recommend skipping all of the statues and going straight to the top floor, where there is a 15 minute video of the Parthenon. After watching it, go back down to the first floor and start again, except see everything. I HIGHLY recommend seeing the Museum before the Parthenon, which is something we didn't do. It will give you a MUCH better understanding. Max and I went through it by ourselves, as Jay is sick of museums. Ha! The Acropolis Museum is built over some old ruins, and it has a glass floor in places! It's very new (less than five years old) but is also ANCIENT. Well, if you count its artifacts.

That was just one part of Greece. We only did that in TWO DAYS. Now, think how much more will be going on...

Next stop, Delphi!