Delphi- The Middle Of The World

In Greek mythology, Zeus (the God of the sky, lightning, thunder and many other things) sent two eagles to fly around the world, and they met up in Delphi. So, Delphi is the Greek centre of the world. There are six Oracles in Greek mythology, including the Oracle of Delphi (the biggest), the Grove of Dodona and Trophonius, among others. All six of them were respected equally, however, the Oracle of Delphi was deemed the 'most reliable', so, consequently, had very long cues! 😝

We took a bus from Athens, which took about SIX HOURS! You might think that way back in Australia when we drives for ten hours, that we would have gotten used to this. But, Max was being annoying, and so I got myself grounded for the bus ride (and couldn't read anything) by snapping at him before we even stepped on that bus! I had to stare out the window for six was even worse that Max would sidle up to me and say "Hey Sully, wanna read-IN DELPHI!" and then burst out laughing.

When we got to Delphi I was amazed. The view! Totally go there! We got a pretty good hotel, and they gave us an extra bed (thanks to Jay, who was a pretty good actor and convinced the girl to give us a bed for free!) and that was nice. We didn't do any ruins that day, but planned on going the next. We ate shawarma for dinner, and then went to bed. Also, I 'Friendly' Battled Jay on Clash Royale and we played three games, tied one and each won one! Grrrrrrr...!

The next morning I was really excited because, well, ever since reading the Apollo Trials, Apollo (or Apollon in Greek) is probably my second favourite god/goddess, Nike being my favourite. No, I do not worship my shoes, normally because they smell, but Nike is the goddess of VICTORY. My third favourite is Themis, the titan of justice, because I want to be a lawyer, and Themis also represents law. When we got near the Ruins of Delphi, I chose to go through the museum first. After seeing the one at the Acropolis, I decided to follow my own advice and went through it first. Looking back, it helped a lot, so that's good. When I got to the ruins...oh my. The theatre was in need of some weeding, but other than that it was AWESOME. We also saw (and I smelt!) the place where the Oracle did her stuff. Supposedly, she would inhale vapours that came up through the ground, and have visions sent from the gods. The vapours smelt like cookies. Chocolate chip cookies. I predicted that I would have some later that day, but sadly, my prediction failed to come true!😝 It was smaller than the Parthenon, yet less crowded, although maybe that was because it was raining... We also went to the 'Lower Ruins' which, nobody goes to. They are on the lower part of the hill, split from the 'Upper Ruins' by a road. In the 'Lower Ruins' there was a sanctuary to Athena. I've discovered that Athena is probably the most popular goddess in Greek mythology, even though Zeus is the Lord of the Gods. We ate gyros (EXACTLY like a shawarma) for dinner, overlooking the huge valley from our balcony.


In the morning we are going to Meteora and then off to Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympics, and home of the Olympic Flame!

Can't wait!