This Blog’s title is Miscellaneous

    This Blog’s title is Miscellaneous (no spell-check used!) because in Aix-en-Provence, we did everything!!! From Hudson, Sawyer and I writing my book (they gave me some ideas), to playing a parents-and-kids Kick The Can. The eight nights we had in Aix En Provence was too short. WAY too short. Quick anecdote here; I named the capital city in my book Aix, in honour of where it was thought up. We explored a local market , and played Minecraft. We had water gun fights, and ate LASAGNA! THANK YOU SO MUCH, MEL!!!  We played Manhunt, and went to the beach. We ate raspberry sorbet ice cream (me), and ‘Les Minions’ ice cream (banana, and that was Max). We spied on the adults, and played Tube Wars with the two inflatable tubes and one water polo net! Tons of things. One of the most ridiculous was, on the way back from the Marseille Airport, Bruce made the Renault Espace car ‘fart’, by crossing over road lines. The detectors underneath the new car sensed him making the ‘mistake’, and made the sound.

I LOVED Aix En Provence!!  AND hanging out with my friends!