The Legit Olympic Village

We took the bus to Olympia. A city bus. It was half an hour before we got there, but we didn't mind. We were there, the first host of the Olympic Games, OLYMPIA! Ya know, I like how when the host country has the Olympic Parade, Greece goes first, then Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria etc. When we arrived, I led us around. We first went to the Museum Of Ancient Olympia, or something like that. As always museums first, ancient things later. Out of all the museums we've visited in Greece, I liked the Olympia Museum the best, because it was the most informative, and had the most sculptures and statues leftover from ancient times. Well... maybe that wasn't the other museums fault! We then went to explore the ancient grounds, and saw a lot of columns standing, tall and proud, but no real BUILDINGS. I found it kind of boring, until we got to the running arena! One Greek 'stade' equals 178m, as we learned in Delphi. The foot race arena is one stade long. Naturally, Max and I HAD to have a race. I won, of course, but barely. Max'll be one fast little sprinter when he's older. Don't tell him I said that! I got Jay to film from the judges box, so you guys would have the best view. After the race, we all went to explore the grounds a little more, and we visited the place where the Olympic Flame is transferred onto the Olympic Torch. There was no cauldron there now, but it was worth it. Because it is the place where the Torch is lit, the Temple of Hera (Zeus' wife, goddess of marriage, peacocks and cows) has been restored marvellously. It is probably the best restored temple on the grounds, better than even then that of Zeus! After we were finished in the ruins, we walked around Olympia. At first, Max and I were a little curious as to why there were Brazilian, South Korean, Japanese and Chinese flags strung up all throughout the city. Then we realized that Rio de Janeiro hosts the 2016 Summer Olympics, and guessed that the other here countries hosted the next Olympics. I already knew that Japan hosts the 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, so that helped. Later, after researching, I found that South Korea hosts the Winter Olympics of 2018, and China does the Winter Olympics of 2022. Olympia was a pretty cool town, built around the Olympics.

So, it's the legit Olympic village! 😝