Stunning Sigiriya!!

First I have a question?

Are you afraid of heights? If so please skip this Blog!

Sure I was ONLY 200m above the ground but... it's high enough! So first about Sigiriya! It's a rock. A big rock. Local Sri Lankans painted pictures on the side of the rock. 200m off the ground. Those are some pretty brave artists! I think it might be something like the 3rd biggest rock in the world right up there with Uluru/Ayeres Rock and Mt. Coolum! It's a beautiful sight though especially when you're on top of it!

I'll get to how we climbed it, but first I need to say how we got there!

First the airport. We arrived at like 11pm so everyone was pretty tired.  Then we went to a Taxi stand and we got a taxi for something like $10CAD to our hotel. It's called the Holiday Inn Fashion (which is a funny name!) and we had two beds! One in each room! Yes we had a kitchen area a living room AND two bedrooms! Each were double beds so Jay got one and Max and I got the other! Max went right to bed and Jay and I stayed up for half an hour talking with Gaga and Papa (who were staying on the floor above us) before I went to bed! Max and I woke up at 6:30am which may seem like a short sleep since we were tired! But think about it! We were still accustomed to NZ Time! We actually slept in until 10:30am NZ Time! We got breakfast (eggs) and a salty papaya-banana smoothie (no I don't like papaya but I could hardly taste it in the drink) and it was so salty Max had NOTHING to do with it! After we were done breakfast our driver pulled into our hotel's driveway and helped us carry our bags from our rooms! They do that a lot here but hey! I'm not complaining!  We drove through Negombo (right near Colombo the capital) and we stopped to get some snacks! I got a coconut (figures) and Max had some crackers! Then we drove all the way to Kandy! We stayed there for three nights but I'm gonna let Max cover that!

Anyways we got another driver in Kandy and he drove us to our next place which is called Polonnaruva! But Sigiriya happened BEFORE we got to Polonnaruva. So we stopped along the way and saw a HUGE Buddha! Gold plated and 100ft. tall!

After that we arrived at the base of Sigiriya! Gaga had to stay at the bottom because of her knee and Papa stayed with her so it was just us three! It was supposed to be a two hour hike but we did it in 45 minutes and didn't rush! It looked like the safety measures had been greatly improved recently so I was assured! We also got to see the painting of women on the side of the mountain! At one point we were on stairs that were drilled into the side of the mountain but were overhanging it! Then we got to the top! THE VIEW! You could see for kilometres! Jay took some pictures but I will always remember it! We hung out underneath a tree because that was the only shade there was! Some schoolgirls asked to have their picture taken with us! After we had hiked for 45 minutes and stayed up at the top for an hour I realized that when the sign said two hour hike it actually meant in total! We finally decided to hike back down and when we did we agreed that was probably the best hike we'd had so far on the trip!

In the car on the way to Polonnaruva I finished my book (Life Of Pi) so any recommendations would be great!