At The World's End.

No. I did not watch Pirates Of The Caribbean 3! I meant the World's End of Sri Lanka! So seeing how Max has done Polonnaruwa I'll snag (yes snag is one of my new favourite words) the Return To Kandy! We took a van (that's pretty much how you get around long distances in Sri Lanka!) to our next place which is called Hotel SunRay. It's a nice place and it's pretty big! The rooms are okay and the WiFi is moderate speed. The only problem is the power outages! I mean come on! That night the power was out for EIGHT HOURS! We had to eat nuts and watermelon for dinner! It was the biggest power outage in TWENTY YEARS! Jeez why us? We got candles and a box of matches to supply us! It was okay...except how their were no lights! We had to carry candles wherever we went (which wasn't anywhere except our rooms!) and we couldn't even eat at our hotel's restaurant The next morning the breakfast was AMAZING and it was a buffet!

After we'd satisfied our hunger (remember our measly dinner the night before) Max,Gaga,Papa and I all went to the train station while Jay bought a new camera (he lost his good one somewhere in Polonnaruwa.  Jay has lost a few things so far on this trip ;) so the five of us parted at the train station! We got First Class Reserved while Jay got Third Class on the train that leaves three hours after ours! (we paid $10 for ours, Jay paid 80 cents for his.) The reason for this is because he lost his camera so he had to cancel his seat. The First Class Reserved (FCR) was like the Myanmar train we took for seven hours! Except this one only took 3.5! We finally arrived at the next place we're staying and it's the Hillside Hotel or something like that. Anyways we stayed there for one night instead of two because it was very buggy! So once we arrived at the Hillside Hotel we realized the POWER WAS OUT FOR FOUR MORE HOURS!! NOOOOOOOO!! It was ridiculous...! So we waited for Jay to get here and once he did we tuk-tuked into the city (Nuwara Eliya) we found a really good Hotel called the Grand Hotel but you pay $250/night! Speaking of hotels I'm making a Minecraft Hotel on my iPad! Anyways... we ate at the restaurant there called the Grand Indian and there was a line of people (about 6 people) waiting for the doors to open at 6:30pm! It was 6:08pm when we got there and by 6:25 there was like 40 people there! Some locals decided to go to the front of the line but some German tourists weren't quite fond of that idea so they started arguing! Eventually it was settled and the locals were still at the front! Then it happened! A tour bus full of Asians arrived at 6:27pm! By then everyone was jostling for the front! I managed to squeeze through the line and so the moment the doors were thrown open I was right behind the locals! You should've seen it! People were elbowing each other for a space through the doors! It was pretty chaotic! Max and Jay made I through to see me at our table for six (Gaga and Papa were looking at a different hotel) and just before we ordered (we were THE last ones to order!) they came in. I got Tandoori Chicken and Plain Rice with Naan Bread (Pita bread) whichwas AWESOME! The chicken was red and I've never had red chicken before! I REALLY LIKE IT! The only downside to the Grand Indian is that we had to wait until EVERYONE ELSE had their food! But for me it was worth it! The next day we woke up at 6:00am with bleary eyes and itchy bites because MOSQUITOES WERE IN OUR ROOM THE WHOLE NIGHT!!  They kept waking me up as well because of their bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing in my ear!! GRRRR!

The reason we woke up at six? Because we were doing the Hortons Plain/End Of The World Hike! We got a driver and a van and we did the three hour drive to the Hortons Plain National Park! We arrived there and Gaga said her knee was hurting so she didn't go! So it was just us guys! I'm not gonna be able to describe the whole hike (it was three hours long) but I'll just say how beautiful it was! Astounding. There is a Cloud Forest (like a Rain Forest except the clouds provide the water!) that you get to walk through for one third of the hike! It's COLD in there! If this was a Geronimo Stilton book the word COLD would have icicles dripping off of it! But alas! It is not! Anyways...Once you walked through into the Cloud Forest from out in the open with the sun beating down on you he temperature DROPPED! A sign said that sometimes it got below 0! It was nice change to the heat you normally expect! World's End is like Mini World's End (their words not mine) but it's bigger! 2,500ft. high! And it's true what they say about how you can literally see the End Of The World! I think I even saw Jackson at Elmwood! JOKES! But you could actually see the curve of the Earth like in Outback, Australia except more of it and HIGHER! You can even see the sea from there! After Worlds End we went back along the Loop Track and arrived at Baker's Falls! If you want the truth the hike down to Baker's Falls (obviously a waterfall) wasn't really worth it! It's like 100 steps down then you have to climb back up! It's a very small waterfall like 3m high really! We did the walk back and we passed a mini dam along the way! I ran ahead for a little bit (yes I ran) but then I stopped and walked with the crew! After another half an hour we reached the end! We drove back after that and then we got to our new place (King's Park Villa) and FOUND OUT THE POWER WAS OUT!! I was very hangry though so I went downstairs to their restaurant and got a non-spicy beef curry with plain rice and a Sprite and Coke Zero to share with Max! He got the sweet 'n' sour prawns but trust me on this that they tasted BAD! I actually spat mine out when I had a mouthful of his! We also figured out the secret to homemade L&P! Combine Sprite and Coke! After that the power was still out so I worked on my Minecraft Hotel (it's being made IN SURVIVAL!) and then played Uno with Max and Gaga!

After that Jay and I went to get pizza at a place called Salmiya! First let me tell you something. Do NOT judge this place by how it looks (a hand-built shack) because it has THE BEST PIZZA IV'E EVER TASTED! Sorry Domino's! We got three pizzas: 4 Cheeses, Vegetable and Ciao Bella! Amazing! We plan to go back tomorrow before leaving on our train to Ella! Well I'm going to bed now so ieboa (goodbye in Sinhalese) everyone!