So first of all sadly we couldn't go back to Salmiya (the awesome pizza place in Neguara Eliya) because our train was arriving to take us to Ella at 10:40am! We woke up and left our place (Kings Villa) and headed out to the train station! As soon as we got there a million hawkers started trying to sell us tickets! What was funny about that is we already HAD tickets! We told them that! Repeatedly.

We finally boarded our First Class seats (which only cost $10) and the train took off! It was like last train ride but with less flatlands and more hills! But one thing that remained the same was the tea plants! THEY WERE EVERYWHERE! Sri Lanka is where I first started liking tea because their tea tastes fresh! We also saw some remote villages and when we started getting closer to Ella we saw people's backyards filled with tea! There would be no soccer like in our backyard!

After we disembarked our train in Ella we saw a man who would be leading us to our hotel! We thought he was walking us towards his tuk-tuk to drive us but no! Our guesthouse was two minutes from the train station! Since it was near nighttime we decided to go look for a place to eat! I chose a place called Chill Café because it looked popular! When we arrived we sat down at a table near the back and ordered. Then Max started wandering off (as usual!!) and he saw some Spanish kids who were playing Clash Royale! It's a video game made by Clash Of Clans! So we started watching them while we waited for our food! They were travelling around the world for 2 years!! Their parents could speak a bit of English and they told us that their kids (a boy who's 8 and a girl who's 5) learned French at school! So I started talking to them in French! Soon enough Jay had exchanged emails! We agreed to meet up at 5:00pm the next day at a playground across the street from our hotel!

The next morning we went on a hike to Mini Adam's Peak! Gaga couldn't come because her knee was swollen but Papa came with us! Soon we'd reached the top! We had passed a ton of tea and 2 cows! The view at the top was AWESOME! After our hike we learned it was 3:30pm so we headed back to our hotel. At 5pm Max and I went over to the playground and met up with the kids there! We played some tag and explored the playground and at 6pm Max and I had to go eat! We went to Chill again and I ate a burger!

The next day we were walking into town to get some breakfast when I SAW RICHIE! Yeah Richie from Manly! We were informed of this the night before but still! We turned around the corner and also saw the rest of the crew (Rich Jenna and Luke) and we all said hi! We made a plan so that we would climb Ella's Rock today! We did, but it was HARD HARD HARD HARD! But the view was FAR FAR FAR FAR! It was also totally worth it!

We (the kids) came up with a Minecraft Survival Games idea that would be 2v2! We played at our place once we got back and the teams were Max and Luke VS Richie and I! I killed Max then Luke took out Richie who covered for me while I regened then I came up FROM BEHIND on Luke while he was looting Max's and Richie's stuff! Look out Hudson and Sawyer and Tao and Kalum! When we meet you guys we will play!

Anyways... When it was time for eating we went to Chill AGAIN and this time I got pizza! We also had a sleepover at their place and (DONT TELL JAY!) played Minecraft until 11:30pm! The next morning we played more Minecraft and then went down into town! Hey that rhymes! Richie and I went with Jenna and Rich to breakfast at a different restaurant at the Ella Holiday Inn and Richie and I both got Eggs Benedict! My bacon was too soggy and so I didn't eat that! But I ate my fries! Yes that's right! We had fries! That morning we said goodbye because we were parting ways and we're going to different beaches in the south of Sri Lanka but we would meet up again! So now I'm in a van driving towards Tangalle, which is a beachside town that was affected by the tsunami! We are going to do some charity work there to help repaint a daycare!  

I can't wait for that!!!



P.S. Tao and Max VS Kalum and I and Hudson and Max VS Sawyer and I! It'll be AWESOME!