I Believe I Can Fly!


Well... I can't exactly fly but I CAN parasail! I think Jay will have quite a bit to to say about Boracay so I'll just talk about the two times we did parasailing...YEP! We did it TWICE! First though I'm gonna add a crucial detail: I finished my first (of 2) math books on Boracay! I did 41 PAGES!!!! Back to the parasailing... We'd decided that we were gonna do it (or at least Max and I would) because it looked SO COOL! Let me tell you Kitchi Tower jumpers if you ever parasail it's so much HIGHER! But it's also not as scary...? I think that's because you rise up slowly and YOU'RE not the one who has to make the decision to jump. Because when you put your harness on you just slowly rise up and up and up and up! It's actually really fun! I wish we had a parasailing boat at the cottage...! That would be SOOOO much fun! It was actually not too scary when you were going up into the air but when you're up there...oh man! Max got so scared that he asked me if it would be okay if he puked! I said yes but thankfully he didn't! It was so quiet up there (when Max wasn't talking) and you were above the bumps of waves down on the boat so you didn't feel any of that! I kept looking at Max and sometimes saw him with his eyes closed! I don't blame him. Then I did blame him because he started swinging! 100+ (?) feet in the air! Jeez! The nerve of that kid. I gripped the top harness tightly with my Henna inked hand (Yup! More Henna!) and hope the windwouldn't mess up my braids! Yes. I got braids AND Henna on Boracay! Max got some kind of ponytail except they kept going into each other (look at the picture. It's hard to describe!)  but I actually got real braids! All of the locals love seeing our hair! We hear shouts of "cool hair!" and "I love your hair!" in the markets everywhere! The first time we got reeled in onto the boat from up in the sky it felt like we were fish on a hook!

The wind wanted to keep us up there but the line was stronger! The second time Jay played a joke on us and 'dipped' us into the water! He must've told the para-men to do it! Max and I both kept thinking (and saying) "please no sharks please no sharks!" because we didn't wanna get our legs bitten off! Parasailing is awesome though! Once you get over the initial shock of being so high up you actually feel really secure!

I dare YOU to do it!