Big Lagoon, Small Lagoon

We arrived! El Nido 5 hours to get to but we made it! In a van crowded with like 10 other tourists (Max capacity: 12 People!) and an air-con that didn't work (none of them do! Don't pay 250p [Pesos are the Filipino currency] extra just to get 'air-con') but we made it! Well we weren't at our place yet! As you might've seen in Max's Blog (The Beach Shack) we were staying at a beach house with: 1 fan 2 lights 0 utensils and a roof that was kinda low! I probably bumped my head on it 10 times! The first night there Bridget (the owner of the house and a aunt of one of Jay's friends from B.C.) invited us over to her restaurant which is called The Beach Shack! The milkshakes there may be $4.50 CAD but they come in cups the size of the McDonalds ('medium') cups! They are deeeeelicious! I had F&C (Fish and Chips) and Max and Jay got burgers (cheese is a DOLLAR extra!) and we watched the sun go down.

The next day I woke up and started doing math. For all of you who are worried about me not being able to go to Kitchi I'm at page 207/349! I am trying REALLY hard to not miss Kitchi! You'll have to ask Max where he is though because I haven't asked him yet. After about 10 pages of math I decided to eat breakfast and then we all went down to our private beach! Hopefully Jay has some pictures! After another dinner at The Beach Shack we finished the day off with a Harry Potter wand duel! I TOTALLY got Max on mySectum-Kadavra strategy (Sectumsempra + Avada Kadavra) and so I think I won!

The next day we went on an all-day tour and we went to a Big Lagoon a Small Lagoon and a Secret Lagoon! We also rented kayaks but I couldn't put my Kitchi skills to use because my paddle was broken (figures) and so I couldn't paddle! But we saw some great coral! I was afraid of sea snakes because I'd heard (and read) that there are sea snakes in the Philippines! I was relieved we went that day though because the next day it was RAINING! In the Philippines when it rains it's not like in Toronto (or anywhere in Canada for that matter) where it drizzles and so therefore give a warning that it's about to start pouring but in the Philippines it just COMES DOWN! So whoever was out on tours that day must've gotten drenched! I read Life Of Pi and did math while the rain came down. It was probably raining for like five hours!

We couldn't go outside to get something for lunch so I had to eat Cup Noodles WITH MY SUNGLASSES! I used those curved things at the end to scoop the noodles up! Jay and Max SHARED a pen(cil?) and their noodles kept on slipping off! I actually managed to get all of my noodles! We resolved to get utensils the next day.

Today we went outside and decided not to be chickens and go into the ocean even though it was raining again! I am really starting to catch up on my math as well! Thankfully we didn't see any jellyfish! Max and I are really starting to make some good sand walls as well! One of ours lasted for 47 hours! But when we came back we always repaired it! On our last night we headed down to The Beach Shack and I got a Banana Chocolate milkshake and F&C! On our way back we saw TONS of jellyfish that had washed up onto the shore! The weird thing was that they didn't have any tentacles! So they were just mounds of jelly! Anyone know why that was? Tomorrow we're gonna go to Boracay which is rated the #1 Island in S.E. Asia by TripAdvisor! It'll be crowded


P.S. Thanks a lot Bridget for letting us stay with you!