Kickin’ The Flames

Hello everyone! Wow these past 4 days have been a great time!  Allow me to continue from where I left off! First we spent two more days in Ubud! One of those days we went whitewater rafting on the Ayung River!!! It was apparently Class 2&3 rapids (but I think and so does Jay) that it’s only class 3 waves during the rainy season! The waves and bumps were pretty cool though and at one point we went down a 1.5 metre drop! I also enjoyed the splashing (the guides started it!!!) and Max made sure to get every boat that passed us or vice versa! 

Another night we saw the super cool Fire Dance where the dancers sit around a pole about the size of Jay with branch-like metal things hanging off the sides so that the candles on the branch things looked like the leaves of the branches of the tree! There were lots of cool actors who where trying to act out a story but it was all silent other than the chanting. The problem was in our program the english wasn’t very good so we just had to guess most of the time! After the story this guy came in a some stagehands made a fire of coconut husks where the pole was before they moved it and the guy ran in and kicked the whole thing! My friend Hudson told me that the pads of their feet are used to it so it just feels slightly warm! I thought it was pretty cool and Jay remarked later “ he looked like he was in a kind of trance, I don’t know what he was on but I don’t think he felt it very much!” and so I don’t know who’s right! Your call! 

The next day we took a shuttle bus to a port where a Fast Ferry took us to Gili Air! Gili Air is one of three islands close by.  One called Gili Air one called Gili T and one called Gili Meno. We are staying at a place called Villa Karang and our room is average-sized and there’s a spa, a pool and a restaurant so it’s pretty good! 

Now for max’s B-Day! We had a pretty fun time on the 11th. Worthy enough for a birthday to be in Bali right? We rented some bikes and rode around Gili Air and by that time it was already dark so we headed to a beach side restaurant and ordered dinner. We all split fries and a Margarita pizza. Not very Indonesian eh? Well we weren't hungry that night and I’ve been eating a lot of curry lately so I’m trying local stuff! For dessert we ate two cakes ( they were only like one slice each!) one was coconut dragonfruit and the other was banana something cake. Surprisingly I liked the banana one better than the coconut! Even more surprising was that Max didn’t want anything to do with his birthday cake and he didn’t like the taste at all! So the next day ( today the 12th) we ate dessert at the Villa Karang restaurant (only dessert!) and Max and I each got a banana split! He definitely loved that! Thanks for the happy birthday videos Max got! He loved them! Well I’m feeling tired and stuffed so I’ll say goodbye now! Signing off!