Bali, Bali, Bali!

Bali Bali Bali

Hola (hola is actually Indonesian for hello too!)

I am reporting live (almost) from Ubud, Bali!

Butttt...let me start from Cairns, Australia! After doing our super awesome Reef adventure we kinda just hung around the Library so I’ll skip to the part at the Townsville airport! I had just finished the newest book in the I Am Number Four series (five-star recommendation!!) called The Fate Of Ten and then we headed through the customs/security area and into the one-room airport! Now Townsville Airport isn’t quite like Toronto Pearson and there is only one room about two of our living rooms at our house for all the people taking different flights!

We landed in Bali right by the beach and omigosh I thought we were crash-landing on the sand it was that close to the water! I actually could see the water ending and turning into sand a meter in front of the runway which is crazy! You would need to be a super experienced and skilled pilot to land there at Kuta Airport! We got a nice surprise as they let Canadians into the country Visa free so we saved 100 bucks there! We got a taxi to our place in Kuta by bartering which was pretty cool! When we arrived to our three-bed room Jay immediately announced “No tap water boys.” and then we all pretty much zonked out because it was 3:30am! In fact when I woke up before Max and Jay, I saw Jay’s arm up like he was holding his phone up in front of his face so I guess he was trying to look up something but fell asleep of exhaustion! When Jay woke up it was 11am so we slept in like crazy! We then got up and started exploring Kuta and were immediately bombarded by hawkers and honked at by taxis! I am also starting to think Bali is the motorbike capital of the world because there were millions upon millions of them! We first stopped at an ATM to get some Rupiah (10k is $1 CAD) and then Max and I convinced Jay we needed our nails done again and also to let us get our feet eaten by fish!!! Yes, That’s right! little minnows eat all the dead skin off your feet when you dip them into a tank with a bench next to it! At first it felt like getting buzzed by a razor in multiple spots on your feet (even in-between our toes!) and then it gradually became more like tickles except not as intense like when someone tickles the bottom of your feet! I loved it so much i didn’t even realize the 20 minutes passing and then it was time to get our nails done! One my toes I got yellow with black flowers and white footprints and on my hands I got turquoise with pink-black flowers! of course they only put the decorations on our big toes and thumbs! All the while Jay got a full-body massage! It was sweet!  

When it was time to leave we headed down to an amazingly cool (cold) place to eat which is pretty good by itself in the heat of 30 degrees Celsius in Bali! We then returned to our shaded hotel which had a bar in the swimming pool which was such a unique idea! They had built some stools into the pool by the counter so your lower body was submerged but your upper body wasn’t and the bar was at pool level so the people in it would’ve been in water if not for the walls on the sides! We had also heard that the sunsets were beautiful on Kuta beach so we headed down there for it and once again got bombarded by hawkers! But again Jay powered through and soon we were watching the sunset and it was so cool as we could see a half-sun but it hadn’t really set yet so we should’ve been able to see the whole circle! Jay also let us go buy a drink each because Max and I really wanted to try bartering! We ended up going to the same people because Max was kind of shy so I bought mine for 10k and Max got his for 15k and both actually cost 7k so they got a good deal on both of us especially Bubs but he made a mistake. The next morning we got a driver to take us from Kuta to Ubud and along the way we stopped at some super cool temples on rocks above the ocean! We saw tons of crabs (bigger than the ones at Manly Beach, by far!) and also lots of cool statues! Max and I also got to wash our faces in the ‘Holy Water’ which was pretty cool and will hopefully give me the benefits of a pimple-free face! After the temples we got to Ubud and got into our place called ThreeWin which was pretty cool cause the three kids there were named Windi, Windu and Winda! So 3 Win! Get it? After that we explored around the streets and stopped at a restaurant for food but they forgot about the pizza Max and I were sharing so we cancelled it and left! Well I have to go to sleep soon so ciao!

So far SUPER cool!!