The Camira Cruise!!

G’day mates!

Sorry for the holdup when I left you all hanging just before we set out on the Camira! The reason I left you all hanging is because I wanted to make some suspense and make sure I had all the facts and things the three of us did! I have to say that meeting some new friends and seeing a bit of the Reef was cool! I also enjoyed the barbie lunch (sorry no shrimp on the barbie!) and the morning and afternoon tea and during afternoon tea (snack) Max ate 14 dark-chocolate coated slices of cake/brownies and I had 9!!!  Whhhhat?? It was super delicious! The reef was awesome and my first type of coral I saw was called Staghorn coral which pretty much suits the name as it looks kind of twig-like and branches off into smaller sections (twigs) that are kind of spongy except rougher like sandpaper. We also saw this type of coral at St.Bridgids in Goolwa back near Adelaide but it was dead so it doesn’t really count. I also saw a type of coral that was round but had black white and orange kind of like a tiger and it was so amazing I don’t even know what kind of coral it is! Max and I met some people on Whitehaven beach Australia’s #1 beach with 99.5% pure white silica sand and it actually was very cool (like cold, cool) and so it wasn’t like normal sand where it burns your feet like at The Deach at Kitchi!

Back to the people we met! I made a friend with a girl named Aria in the water where Max, Aria and me played catch with Jay. Also Aria told me some things like how jellyfish are attracted to a certain blood type and how in Australia they go to school until Year (Grade) 7 where they go to high school from Year 7-12! Also she told me they learn Italian instead of French up to Year 3 or 4 and then learn Indonesian up to Year 6. After that they can choose from French, Indonesian, Italian and I think Filipino! We're meeting her again tomorrow at the Airlie Beach Lagoon! 

Overall I think the Camira Cruise was awesome and my top three events of the day(not in ranked order) would be the coral reef, our new friends and Whitehaven Beach! Hopefully this awesome day streak keeps up for the whole trip!

Bye for now,