Here comes the Reef!!!

Hey everyone it’s me, Sully!

Last time I blogged I signed off because I was researching some sailing cruises ( Jay didn’t even tell me too!) and I came up with one called 'The Camira' by Cruise Whitsundays.  When we pulled into Airlie Beach which is the place we are staying, Jay stopped at a booking place and our Camira cruise was booked! YES!!  I am so excited! It includes all gear for snorkelling on a part of The Great Barrier Reef, a stop at Whitehaven Beach Australia’s #1 beach and morning and afternoon tea plus a barbie (Australian for barbecue) lunch! Sounds cool huh? Well all that happens tomorrow! 

Just to finish off my last blog, The next morning we woke up at 4:30am and saw 2 kangaroos and about 10 wallabies come to feed on shells and food down by the beach!! With the scenic sunrise behind them it was such an UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE and I knew and still know that I will never forget that experience!

After that, we started driving to a sugar mill in Farleigh.  Sugar cane is a crop that the farmers grow EVERYWHERE here in Queensland.  Everywhere we look, we see fields and fields of it.  There are lots of little trains around that collect all the cane and take them to mills (speaking of trains, we also passed 2 coal trains.  One was carry 103 cars of coal and the other was carrying over 100, but I lost count.  BAD for the environment!!!)  Anyway, back to the mill, where it smelt a lot like apple juice because of all the sugar! We even got to try some syrup and we scooped some sugar right out of the process so you could say it was "hot off the stove" in a way. After that amazing experience we started driving up towards The Whitsundays. 

The past two days we’ve spent checking out Airlie Beach Lagoon which is a huge outdoor swimming pool with a bridge over it near Airlie Beach. Today we went to the Airlie Lagoon again and played a cool game called Goggle Seek where someone hides their goggles somewhere underwater and everyone has their eyes closed until the hider says so and then it’s a mad dash to get them! Max and I played with two other kids about my age. It was a hard game but I managed to get five in a row but then lost my streak! I suggest it as a fun pool game for all you kids back in Canada and other places! After we were just about done with swimming Max and I went to a local smoothie shop and had a Mango Tango each!! Both large (of course) consisting of mango-passionfruit ice-cream mango juice and mango slices all blended together to make a super delicious smoothie! It was a totally cool day and I am hoping for another one tomorrow on the Camira cruise! See you all later!

Hope your days are as good as ours,