A Kiwi in Oz.

Hello y’all! It’s me Sully!

I have gotten quite caught up in the past week or so that I haven't even written another Blog to follow up on The William’s Manly Beach appearance! So I guess I’ll start there.

Here we go!

We spent the next three days on the beach and at their place generally just hanging around Manly. It was awesome there and so much fun! Some things we did that I thought were fun was dig some super deep holes ( waist-deep on me) and we went on the same hike twice ( the second time longer) and Max and I managed a sleepover with Richie and Luke the second day there! Once it was time to move on (as we must) we headed to the airport and flew Tigerair ( a discount airline) to Brisbane Airport where we met up with Aunt Jo-Jo! we stayed with her for five nights by the Sunshine Coast and planes flew right over our heads because the airport strip was a mile away. We played a ton of monopoly and also catch and we visited the Sunshine Plaza Shopping Mall where I bought some sweet shades and Max, Jo-Jo and I stopped at Hungry Jacks and Max and I got cream soda slushies! We had a ton of fun with Aunt Jo-Jo and we skyped with the rest of the Hart family which was super fun and also really cool!

After Sunshine Coast we are on the final lap of the racetrack that is Australia as we started heading up to the Great Barrier Reef! We stopped in a motel in Gladstone and skyped the Powels ( Hudson, Sawyer, Zuzu, Mel and Bruce) and caught up with them and continued to play The Homonym Game where you choose a word that sounds the same but is spelt different like seam and seem ( Hudson actually used this word) or one of Max’s hi and high. The next morning just as Max was about to take a shower the Nichols ( Tao, Kalum, Scott and Nicole) sent and invitation to FaceTime us. So obviously we accepted and talked a TON about Australia’s deadliest animals and the show Tao and Kalum was watching and the new Minecraft update and the like. 

Goodbye for now,