Surprise Meeting!!

Hello everyone. I wonder if your pondering the fact that my other entry South to East was only two days ago so why am I doing another one right now? Why not save it until later? Well the reason for that is something happened to us that has got to be against the odds by at least 1 million to one! Yesterday we left Bondi and went back into Sydney using the same sort of bus and then walked down to the Harbour took a few more shots of the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge and then boarded a ferry to Manly Beach. I know right all three of us are living the beach life here! Once we got there we moved into an apartment that Jay had found on the airbnb website. The apartment is really good with a view of a cricket field but so far there haven’t been any games! After getting out of the apartment we headed down to Manly but along the way we check out some stores to buy some shovels. First we stopped at a store for kids and grabbed a shovel that was $5 for us to share and walked farther down towards the beach and we bought me one two but mine was $3 so Jay was a bit frustrated about that but anyways we made it to the beach and we got down to a good sunny spot where we could change out. Max and I went nearby to start digging a hole in the ground. We were at it ten minutes but then we got bored and decided to go wrestling instead in the sand. We were wrestling for about 5 minutes and I could tell Max was about to quit when all of a sudden some kid was running towards us screaming Sully! Sully! Sully! over and over again! When he got closer I was in for a surprise because the person I saw was my friend Richie Williams from James W Hill!!   I later learned he is on a trip too to see the world!  Except Richie and his family are doing 3 sections each 3 months in one country and somehow they were staying at Manly Beach for three months! It's sooo cool!  After everyone got settled we have spent another day with them and we are just about to go and see them in their hotel and I’m going to probably face Richie in Hearthstone!

What a great surprise,


  P.S. Richie and his family have a Blog too called so check it out if you want!