South to the East.

Hi. How’s school going everybody? Hope you're all enjoying it! Ha! Our school is still closed and the principal and teacher Mr.Pearson still hasn’t decided when it will start. Hopefully sometime like June 25th! I bet though he will open just while we are about to run down to Bondi beach to play in the sand and waves! Yup that’s right no typo we are staying 5 minutes away at Bondi Beach! After we left Adelaide we stayed in a motel in Geelong just before heading to Phillip Island. We drove to Phillip Island to see the Little Penguins and the Koala Conservation Centre. We saw the Koalas in what they thought was their natural habitat.  It was a conservation area.   Koalas were in trees right next to to the boardwalk about 10ft high in a tree with signs pointing out the koalas right next to the boardwalk. In total I think we saw about 8 of them! After, we went down to the ocean and waited for the penguins to arrive.  At around 7pm the penguins walked out of the ocean up to their homes (some were man-made) but most weren’t. We were able to see them as they washed ashore and walked up the banks and went into their burrows completely unaware that we were watching them! Me, Max and Jay even snuck into the VIP zone to watch! After that we took a plane back to Sydney- but don’t worry we’re not leaving yet! When we got back to Sydney we went to our hostel that was part of the Youth Hostel Association (YHA) and we explored the Sydney harbour and took a couple of pictures by the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House but didn’t go near them sadly! The day after next though we did and we walked over the Bridge in the morning and then went to the  Opera House at night! There we watched a kids film festival with some movies made by kids!! Some had ideas such as Ice Cream, a story about a lego kid who wants ice cream and chases the ice cream truck all over town and another one called Mr.Hugblot who is always changing the way he lives i.e. switching the lights on or off and moving tables around a fraction of an inch! But before the show The Listees also showed us some funny parodies to movies such as Melted the sequel to Frozen or Mary Poopins or Hairy Potter! After that exciting day we went to Bondi Beach via bus and checked in at another YHA which I think was better than the other because the beach was five minutes away by walking! At Bondi, Max and I explored and found a recently abandoned hole in the sand almost as deep as Max when he stood up! So of course we parked our stuff right next to it and started playing in it! The next day was the Festival of the Wind and we saw 100’s of kites and what looked like two or three kites above the clouds! I guess here’s where I should leave off! Supper’s calling soon and I still want to have some time to play some Risk with Max and Jay ( Jay’s actually pretty good)!

Loving it every step of the way