Walking on water!

Hello again. It’s me Sully.

Have you ever had that feeling you were as light as a feather? That you could walk on water? Well at the Royal Adelaide Fair you can do just that! Max and I stepped into latex rubber balls that were approximately 4x4 feet wide. then staff blew them up with air blowers like the ones used to blow up bouncy castles and blew the ball up to it’s full size and they then ask you to roll over the edge of a pool and into the water! One of the key things about this is that you don’t get wet! The rubber seals out all water so you can just roll around! In Adelaide we were based about 20 minutes from the fair in a bungalow with Aunt Jo-Jo’s friend Judy and her friend Amanda and their dog Louis. We stayed there for three days then left to St. Bridges Air B&B who’s owners were Judy’s friends Sarah and Nigel and they lived right besides a zip-line park that we spent most of our time in. After St. Bridges we stayed at Judy’s one more night then left for Hall’s Gap. But before that we were in a couple different motels on the way to Judy’s place. We were driving 21hrs (but who’s counting) in total from Alice Springs to the Adelaide Airport. Right before that we stopped at a gas station to fill up our cars tank. Max and I got into a fight over some candies (see: Meltdown) and Jay broke it up and then' filmed some of it and sent it to Judy VIA text accidentally! We are having a great time in Australia! Also thanks to all of MY friends (the kids) for subscribing to our blog ( Hudson, Smith, Trickey, Binks, Sebastian, Mason, Sawyer,Ciara, Zuzu, Jack Serre, etc.)

Also happy birthday to Charlie and Papa Dave hopefully you two saw the video!

See you next time,


P.S. Tao I am waiting to hear from you… OHHHH SNAP!

P.P.S. If I missed some of my friends, SORRY, please let me know!